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leave the little light on

Leave the little light on

Book one windsor

Athena Brkovich believes in true love. Born into a blue collar family in 1968, young Athena and her sisters are sent away when their mother is hospitalized and their father is unable to care for them. The beginnings of trauma, separation, denial and suffering set Athena on her path. Brilliant, but naive, Athena refuses to grow up and become part of an adult world she doesn't trust. But as time unfolds, the guilt that swirls around her beloved sister Lejla, and the blossoming desire for her soulmate Niko, plunge Athena into confusion. When circumstances bring them all together in high school, betrayal threatens to engulf Athena in shame and hatred. No matter how many walls Athena builds to escape her painful past, she must confront the person she is becoming in a society where only the strong survive. Compelling, and at times tragic, Book 1 explores the themes of childhood trauma, family conflict, alcoholism, and teenage love. Despite the darkness, Athena struggles to follow the little light inside herself, guiding her to forgiveness, peace, redemption, and the ultimate prize, love.

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Leave the little light on

Book two london

Athena Brkovich believes in true love. Athena approaches adulthood like a paint-by-number - following the directions - but will her future become the masterpiece she dreams of? After high school, Athena quickly learns that nothing in life comes for free. The hurdles Athena jumps to escape her father’s shadow and her family’s impoverished past land her in London, Ontario. Athena has to face her insecurities about not fitting in at the Ivory tower of Western. Enter Mason Armada. Charismatic, handsome and athletic, it is love at first sight. Four years of dental school culminates in an education that covers more than how to fix teeth. Athena is becoming someone she has always imagined, the princess in her own fairy tale. Still, she isn’t sure she can pin her hopes on the irresistible playboy that has stolen her heart. But when Mason’s promises feel as false as her self-belief, Athena must choose between the man she wants to marry and the man she is with. Book two delves into the themes of romantic love, social status and the struggle for independence. Immersing herself in a misguided society, Athena wades into the darkness, trusting that her prince will come and save her.

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Leave the little light on

Book three dorchester

Athena Brkovich believes in true love. Young, successful and wild, Mason and Athena Armada are a romance for the ages. They appear to have everything anyone could ever want. As money pours in, their lives become more reckless. Passionate and dangerous, blind devotion leads Athena to the brink of her senses. Her love is tested as a partner to Mason in ways she could not have predicted. When Athena faces motherhood, her desire for peace and her troubled past cannot be contained. While she finds herself retracing her mother’s steps, a path she swore she would never walk, Athena falls from grace and she is plunged into darkness. Athena suffers the peril of her own self destruction and she must turn inward. The little light that keeps exposing her deepest need, is also the guide for her most treacherous journey yet. How far will Athena go to love the man she has promised to worship? Book 3 examines jealousy, infidelity, infertility, and the burden of obligations. Athena must make choices between her appearance and the truth: choices that will determine her fairy tale destiny.

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Leave the little light on

Book four woodstock

Athena Brkovich believes in true love. In the final book of the series, Athena finds herself plunged into her deepest fears. The predictions from a desert psychic are all coming true and Athena must survive as everything she has ever known comes to an end. Drinking to escape reality only leads her further from peace. But facing her demons threatens to destroy her. Taking on a married lover while navigating a divorce, Athena is plagued by moral, financial and emotional bankruptcy. Will she be the phoenix and rise again or will the fires of consumption consume her first? Estranged from Elektra, the daughter she adores, she finds herself completely alone. A desperate search for solace rises from within Athena that leads to her greatest discovery. It is her little light, her inner wisdom, that can guide her to salvation. When Athena meets Charles Thomas, a handsome architect, and starts a relationship, an insight is revealed that shatters her entire worldview. She must confront her greatest weaknesses and test her own character, by chasing down the deep seated separation that has kept her from knowing love her whole life. Powerful and uplifting, book four delves into the themes of spirituality, society, forgiveness and liberation. Athena’s quest is timeless - her search for love leads her to the ultimate truth; that true love is unconditional.

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