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Recently I was featured in a story in Windsor Life Magazine. Matt St. Amand was the journalist who interviewed me and wrote this article. We talked about growing up in Windsor, my roots there and my inspiration for writing about my past.

I am very proud to be born and raised in Windsor. This is the subtitle of Book One in the Leave the Little Light On series. It is a place filled with resilient, hard working and authentic people. Diversity and multiculturalism are celebrated and accepted. The city certainly played a big role in my childhood and adolescence and I am grateful for all of my experiences there.

I hope you dive into this article and my book series. Shake what your trauma gave you! You have to feel it to heal it. That is what the books do; they take you on a journey of self-discovery through a simple story. Visit Windsor with Athena.

All the love, Sonia xo

This speech garnered the attention of the audience and the judges and has earned Sonia a place in the Speaker Slam finals in November 2024. It is entitled 'One Love'. This is the message of peace and unity that Sonia speaks to in her mission as a Love Advocate.

Sonia Palleck has been selected to compete in Speaker Slam, North America's largest inspirational speaking contest. With a prize package of over $5000 at stake and a place in the finals in November to compete for the title of the 2024 Inspirational Speaker of the Year and over $50000 in prizes, Sonia is excited to speak about her passion, one love.

As a Love Advocate, Sonia is committed to spreading the word about dismantling the system of separation that represents the "value proposition" society that we all live in. Awakening to the reality that we have adopted belief systems that don't serve humanity, Sonia is using her insight and wisdom having navigated the healing journey from racism to help others with compassion and understanding.

"This is a system that we are born into. Not one we created, but it is one that most of us uphold without our knowing," she shares. "We cannot change this through blaming or shaming but only through honest admissions about what we believe. And then we do the work of change." Her plan is to help lead others in workshops to identify and release the negative beliefs that limit us in our ability to be authentic. "I have five minutes to get my message across to the judges. I want to get to the biggest stage I can. We are here for less fear, more fun. People need to love themselves. By default, they will love all people, because we are one."

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